Like many kids I grew up messing with Lego! I started with the City theme in the early 80’s. My Dad put a sheet of plywood on the lower part of my bunk bed to build on! I enjoyed the City life for awhile until something changed in my Lego mind! Something we all go through as Lego builders! I can remember the day I decided to have a big earthquake and level my City! It was that first moment when you end up with one big pile of bricks! Game on! I could build anything I wanted now!

I messed with Lego right up to when I join the Navy at 19. My Lego’s where boxed up and never seen again for awhile. One of my life regrets. I think that might have been different if Lego Star Wars came out a bit earlier?

My Lego’s didn’t see the light of day till my son was three. Then I discovered Bricklink and the Lego CAD programs! My son and I where soon head deep into Lego! I started my first real project designing Mech’s in SR3D CAD software and buying what I needed from Bricklink! It was at that moment I thought it would be cool to design some custom decals for my Mech.

The project was the GP-1 Ground pounder “Blackjack”, which I eagerly entered into the Brickarms Make a Mech Contest. After a welcome response to the GP-1 and the custom decals, I realized I might be on to something. It was that one individual however that got me going. Simon how said, “you should produce these! I’d buy them” So I thought why not give it a shot! Soon after I took 1st place in the Make a Mech contest!

Cooper Works literally came from my “Blackjack” project, inspired by one individual and his few words, and built off a Lego contest at Brickarms. I don’t know where this road will take me, but I’m sure going to enjoy the journey!